Psycho-Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture, Violence and Pronounced Stress Impact - Empatia

Address: 5a Jorjadze St; 10 Asatiani St.

City/Town: Tbilisi

Country:   Georgia

Telephone:   (995 32) 99 09 09; (995 99) 516300 Mariam; (995 99) 141273 George

Fax:   (995 32) 94 36 73


Web Site:

Contact Names:   Mariam Jishkariani - President;  George Berulava; Khatuna Chkoidze

Mission Statement:

  • Rehabilitation of victims of torture, violence and pronounced stress impact

  • Lobbing legislative institutions and creation of rehabilitation national system

  • Working with torture victims and their family members

Issues/areas of interest: Treatment, rehabilitation, creation of support groups, lobbing and information distribution, advocating, networking, scientific activities, etc.

Description of Current Activities and Current Projects:

  • Psycho-rehabilitation center in women's prison

  • Bull pen monitoring, short term rehabilitation

Description of Past Activities/Projects:

  • War victims investigation program (secondary stress impact)

  • Psycho-rehabilitation center for women prisoners

  • Training, seminars

Previous Donors: Netherlands Embassy in Moscow, PRI  UK, OSCE.

Geographic areas covered: Tbilisi,  Zugdidi,  Georgia regions.

Please list your forthcoming event details: Consultations in  women's and children's colony; Conference "Impact of Torture and Rehabilitation Problem in Georgia"

List of Board Members: Mariam Jishkariani, George Berulava, Dachi Chkhikvadze, Vaja Kenchadze, Shorena Bekauri, Eka Chkonia

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