Armenian National Coordination

Committee Meeting

organised by

WomenAid International-Caucasus and

Tatev-95 Psychological Support and Counselling Centre

Thursday, 10 October 2002 at 14:00

NGO Training & Resource Centre office: 20 Eznic Koghbatsy St., Yerevan, Armenia

Participants include members of the Armenian National Coordination Committee and Armenian media representatives: ArmenPress, InterNews, State TV and Radio Channels. The goal of the meeting is to discuss Armenian participation in CAUCASUS 16 DAYS 2002 regional campaign and develop strategies for media involvement. TV and radio social clips will be produced and broadcasted during CAUCASUS 16 DAYS 2002 period (25 November to 10 December) targeting a wide range of the Armenian population, attracting attention and increasing public awareness of the issue of violence against women.

CAUCASUS 16 DAYS is the first regional coordination of the global ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’ and the ‘White Ribbon’ campaigns in the world and it has proved to be extremely successful.  In 2001 over 500 organisations collaborated to create a large regional calendar of events and activities promoting the elimination of violence against women.  This outstanding regional collaboration was made possible through the great enthusiasm and hard work of volunteers representing the NGO members of the National Coordination Committees in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.  WomenAid International greatly appreciates their great contribution as well as the coordination work undertaken by the Caucasus 16 Days Focal Point, WomenAid International-Caucasus based in Tbilisi, Georgia. The campaign actively encourages the development of the voluntary ethic in all sectors of civil society.

A special notice of thanks is extended to our partners in Armenia for agreeing to undertake this enormous voluntary task. Tatev-95, on behalf of the Armenian National Coordination Committee, submitted a proposal to OSI Women’s Network Programme for funding of some of the CAUCASUS 16 DAYS 2002 campaign activities in Armenia. The financial contribution of $5.060 is much appreciated. This year the OSI Network Women’s Programme awarded funding of $20,390 to the THREE National Coordination Committees in the Caucasus to implement the CAUCASUS 16 DAYS 2002.  WomenAid International, the initiator of the regional programme funds core costs and special events. All participating NGOs in this regional campaign are encouraged to submit applications to multiple potential donors for the funding of their activities during the Caucasus 16 Days.

The CAUCASUS 16 DAYS programme is a multi-media awareness-raising regional campaign that creates a ‘platform’ for NGOs, INGOs, UN Agencies and other organisations or institutions to draw attention to a critical social issue and promote their on-going activities to eliminate violence in all its forms. In recent years violence against women has escalated dramatically in all its aspects. The UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, has called domestic violence against women a global epidemic and trafficking of human beings, mainly women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation, has become the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. It is also the world’s biggest human rights abuse. Elimination of gender violence is the common cause that unites all participants in this unique regional campaign and engages the commitment of so many volunteers in three countries.

Apart from the voluntary efforts of hundreds of NGOs, the press and media have an extremely important role to play in efforts to increase awareness of the problem of violence against women. The importance of close collaboration between CAUCASUS 16 DAYS Armenian National Coordination Committee and media representatives is recognised and media strategies will be developed to achieve extensive media and press coverage in Armenia during Caucasus 16 Days 2002. Media training workshops on the Caucasus 16 Days twin-track campaign approach and end violence strategies will be held in Baku, Tbilisi and Yerevan. These workshops will be organised by the National Coordination Committees in collaboration with the CAUCASUS 16 DAYS Media Advocacy Group representatives in each country.

By actively participating in the CAUCASUS 16 DAYS 2002 the media and press can develop its valuable advocacy role and promote national awareness of the critical issue of violence against women. National and local government ministries and representatives increase knowledge and awareness of all forms of gender violence and the need to adopt all measures, legislative, institutional and administrative, that will eliminate violence against women.  The corporate sector is also encouraged to support the initiatives of so many under-funded NGOs who work so hard to assist the development of civil society based on the principles of justice, equality and peace.

WomenAid International-Caucasus, CAUCASUS 16 DAYS Focal Point, together with members of the Armenian National Coordination Committee, invite to all NGOs, INGOs, government agencies and media in the region to take part in this regional multi-media awareness-raising campaign.

The more organisations involved in the CAUCASUS 16 DAYS - the more impact our efforts to eliminate violence against women will have.

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