Кавказские 16 Дней

Азербайджанский Координационный Комитет

  1. Afgan Veterans Union, Mingechaur Branch

  2. Ali Bayramli branch of NGO Forum

  3. Association of Homeless People from Baku

  4. Association of International Research

  5. Association of Psychologist of Azerbaijan

  6. Association of Women Managers

  7. Association of Women-Journalists

  8. Association of Young Lawyers

  9. Azerbaijan Association of Marketing

  10. Azerbaijan Civil Union

  11. Azerbaijan Demographic Association

  12. Azerbaijan Diabetics Organization

  13. Azerbaijan Journalist Union of Mingechaur

  14. Azerbaijan-NATO Friendship Organization

  15. Azerbaijan National Committee of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly

  16. Azerbaijan Social –Democratic Youth Organization

  17. Azerbaijan Society for the Protection of Animals

  18. Azerbaijan Volunteers Union

  19. Azerbaijan Women in Oil Industry

  20. Azerbaijan Youth Union

  21. Barda branch of NGO Forum

  22. Birlik Caucasus Youth Organization

  23. Bureau Human Rights and Law Respect

  24. Caucasus Youth Center BIRLIK

  25. Center “Agrosko-konsalting”

  26. Center AREAT Center “Clean World”

  27. Center “Culture of Peace”

  28. Center “Gender and Human Rights”

  29. Chanag-gala Humanitarian Organization

  30. Charitable Organization of Enlighten Women

  31. Charity AIDS Association IHLAS

  32. Charity Center “Havva”

  33. Charity Organization “Kur-Xazri”

  34. Charity Organization of “TASALLI’

  35. Charity Organization of Name National Hero Emin Aliyev

  36. Children Organization “XUMAYA”

  37. Commission of Women Rights of the Independent Party of Azerbaijan

  38. Consultation Center “For Civil Society”

  39. Disabled Women Organisation

  40. Disabled People’s Rights Protection

  41. Ecological and Innovation Center

  42. Family, Health and Education

  43. Ganja Gender Research Group

  44. Garbi Azerbaijan

  45. Gaygi, the Organization of Help for Families who Lost Relatives in the war

  46. Gebele branch of NGO Forum

  47. Guba branch of NGO Forum

  48. Humanitarian Center “YUVA”

  49. Help for People - Humanitarian Organization

  50. Help for Disable Children

  51. Himayadar’Humanitarian Organization

  52. Humanitarian Association of Jewish women 

  53. Humanitarian Center “Youth and Democracy”

  54. Humanitarian organization “SULH”

  55. International Medical Corporation

  56. Journalist Association “Yeni Nesil”

  57. Local Partner Women Waging Peace

  58. Multimedia - Information and Technical Center

  59. Merhemet Charity Foundation

  60. Mingechaur Youth Center MIDEO

  61. Mountain-sport Club

  62. NGO Forum

  63. NTV Russian TV company

  64. Organization with University Education


  66. Protection Social Rights of Intelligentsia

  67. Philosophical Society

  68. Prophylactics and Consultation Center for Women

  69. The Fund of Azerbaijan disabled soldiers

  70. The Association of Women Nurses

  71. The Union of Azerbaijan Societal Development

  72. The Foundation of Support for Families of Prisoners and Hostages

  73. The Charity Organization for Disabled Persons

  74. The “People Diplomacy” Citizens Union

  75. Kedebey Inkishaf - Charity  Organization

  76. Organization Committee of NGO Forum

  77. Samkir branch of NGO Forum

  78. SEVIL - Women Organization

  79. Shafdat Nuru

  80. SHAMS - Young Women's Center, Mingechaur

  81. Student Support foundation

  82. The Businessmen Union

  83. The Consumer Union

  84. The Patriotic Union

  85. TV-cinema in 21 century

  86. Takamul Association

  87. The State Hospital

  88. Tarjulichi

  89. Tehsil Organization

  90. The Alliance of Struggle against Armenian Aggression

  91. The Creative Engineers Alliance of Azerbaijan 

  92. The Organization of Disabled People, Veteran of Karabakh War

  93. The Union of Workers in Industry

  94. The Union of Young Bookkeeper

  95. Trancaucasus Women Dialogue

  96. Women and Development

  97. Women Architects Organisation

  98. Women in Art

  99. Women in Modern World

  100. Women Problems Research Association – Women’s Institute

  101. Women Rights Protection Organization named Deliara Alieva

  102. World of Women – Newspaper

  103. Young Women Lawyers for Legal Reforms

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