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The chadri is like a sack, one is
practically blind with it on.

Before, widows had permission to work in factories. That allowed them to earn money to feed their children. Now, the Taliban don't allow women 
to work - even the widows. 
How can they feed themselves and their children?

In the villages, women live like animals. They have no rights, they can't take care of themselves. They have no clothes, no food, no medicine. It is forbidden for them to go out in order to take care of themselves. If they are sick and their husband is absent, they will stay at home until they die. It is forbidden to go to see a doctor alone.

Sometimes a husband even refuses to show his wife to the doctor. It is not worth treating her: if she survives, so  much the better, if she dies, that's how it is. 
Like animals!

I have a university degree.
But now, my children are illiterate.

Education has fallen to a very low level. It is forbidden for women to get an education. I am very worried for future generations, since there will no longer be women nurses, doctors or teachers.

The house is like a prison. 
In prison one can also go into the garden.

Half of the Afghans are women. All women hope that they will regain their rights. We have to fight to get back the rights that Islam gave us.

October 14, 1996 : A ten year old girl is sentenced to
have her fingers amputated for wearing nail polish.

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