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Women are no longer allowed to work.

Schools for girls and women have been shut down.

Women may only leave their houses if 
wearing the chadri.

Girls only have access to a 
Koranic education up to age nine.

Persons found guilty of adultery are 
flogged to death in public.

All gatherings of more than five 
non-Talibans are forbidden.

Public bath houses (hammams) are 
considered 'anti-Islamic' and are closed.

Music, television, videos and marriage 
receptions are prohibited.

Female patients must consult a female doctor. In cases where a male doctor is required the patient must be accompanied by members of her family (Mahram).

Both the female patient and the doctor must wear the
Islamic Hejab during all clinical examinations.

Male and female doctors may not socialise or talk together. If a conversation is necessary on professional grounds the Islamic Hejab must be worn by all parties.

A male doctor may only examine parts of the
body directly affected by the ailment.

Female doctors and nurses may not 
enter rooms occupied by male patients.

All windows in female-only waiting rooms 
must be completely covered.

The receptionist booking appointments for 
female patients must also be female.

The Charai tribunals (which carry out the Charia) will rule all administrative departments of the Islamic state. Anyone who does not comply must be reported  to the Islamic militia by religious and political leaders.

Source : 
Les Nouvelles d'Afghanistan no: 74-75. 4eme trimestre 1996





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