F A C T   F I L E:

“Women and children are not property, but human beings. The international community should declare, loudly and more strongly than ever, that we are all members of the human family. Slavery simply has no place in a world of human rights”.

UN Secretary-General,

Kofi Annan

“It is clear that governments acting individually cannot address the problem adequately”.

Antonio Vitorino, EU

Home Affairs Commissioner.


JUNE-JULY 2002: English, Russian

MAY 2002: English, Russian

INFOCALENDAR assists counter-trafficking efforts by facilitating the dissemination of information on global activities to combat the trafficking of human beings. This service is an integral activity of the WomenAid International Anti-Trafficking programme. The United Nations and the European Parliament have repeatedly stressed the indispensable role of non-governmental organisations and individuals in combating violence in all its forms and encouraged their increased involvement.


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