WomenAid International


Tiggy May, BSc
(research 1993)

Nalini Lalla, LLB  (left)
(human rights research 1996/97) 

Sia Karoma (right)
(W.Africa officer 1997)
Now the First Lady of Sierra Leone

The late Elizabeth Manley, 
(book-keeper 1987~95)

Kanwal Amara-Bangali, MA 
(administration 1995)

Gina Rosa, MA, 
(administration 1995)

Tasneem Mowjee, MBA, MSc (left)
(chief administrator 1993~1995)

Lara Griffiths, MA(cantab) (right)
(projects/field finance officer 1995~1997)

Romana Smith, 
(press 1996)

Adriana Joseph, BA,
(administration 1996/97)

Mahnaz Marashi, MA
(administration 1996)

Penny Mowles (left)
(administration 1992/93)

Ray Braisher 
(administration 1995)

Jacqueline Smith

Olayinka Owalabi (right)

Heike Laschinski 

Sharon Thomas, MA

Office Volunteers & Staff 1993
Sarah, Tas, Asha (1991~93), Pida, Neela Gunga (1989-93); Zenny Hirji (1987~93); Sunu (intern 1993)

Nimisha Achagry
(Internship micro-credit 1997)

Sandra Ishkanes
(support 1998)

Charlie EstCourt, MA
(projects 1997)

Phoebe Gonhasa, MA 
(accounts 1994/5)

WomenAid Football Team

Claire Dyson
(research 1997) 

Sharmini Lilani
(administration 1997)

Amber Rogers
(humanitarian aid support 1998/99)

Betsy Lines
(child rights researcher 1995)

Lisa Stevens
(support 1997/98)

Joanna Donelly
(research 1997/98)

Khasharmini Kannangera 
(administration  ~ current)

Rebeca Robboy
(international law researcher 1993)

Liliana Milton Mbala (right)
(database administrator  ~ current) 
"I would like to thank you WAI..."

Pia Cerase 
(database developer/
systems engineer  ~ current)

Faraz Ramji (left)
(website development 1998/99)

Megan Melvin
(website development  2000)

Diana Tsirunova (right)

(senior web developer ~ 2000-2003)

Diana Tsirunova

Aida (left) & Janna (right)
support staff, Tbilisi, Georgia

Sarah Kreidler
(administration 1993)

Katie Lambert
(trafficking & domestic violence internship ~ current)

Members of Logistic Team, Armenia planning a route for distribution of emergency food aid, 1994~1997

The late Marjorie Carding development
projects administrator and a
veteran WAI London office
volunteer of 8 years,sadly 
missed by all at WomenAid

Pida Ripley with Salma Aga, Indian actress and Fundraising Committee, London 1992

Pida Ripley with Network Zagreb staff, Croatia 1993~1996

John, (left)
Kosovo support driver, London, 1998/99

Julie Jessani
(general support 1998)

Susan Walters
(1988 intern)

Alicia Kehrig
(1989 intern)

Meeting of monitors, Armenia

Loyal members of WomenAid local fundraising Wimbledon committee... and Pinky Lilani!