"If I have any regret, it is that I did not emphasize sufficiently the difficulty which parents face.  I saw my task to be the advocate of the child.  But I believe now there is another important task - to be the advocate of the mother"    

Bruno Bettelheim, 
after a lifetime of working with disadvantaged children.

It is the innocent, women and children, who are the real victims of war. The world is host to over 50 million refugees and displaced people - and 80 per cent of these refugees are women and children.  Fleeing terror and persecution, losing their homes, their land, their loved ones, it is women who bind their families together with the slender threads of hope.  Hope that they will survive and rebuild their lives.  The strength demonstrated by refugee women is awe inspiring and deserves greater recognition.  WomenAid International is proud to work alongside such women and invites you to add your support. Your financial contribution is vital. The knowledge that a stranger in some far distant land cares about them gives psychological and incalculable emotional strength to women in crisis as they struggle to survive.  

There are other enemies women battle and struggle to overcome.  One billion women are the poorest people on earth.  Living in abject poverty, working long hours for little or no money, women and their children are trapped in a life of suffering, hunger, malnutrition and disease. Poverty distorts the potential of each life as desperate families are denied choice.  A girl child is often an unwelcome addition due to 'son' preference: 60 million girls are 'missing' due to neglect or abortion. Every year 2 million girls aged between 5 and 15 are coerced, kidnapped, sold or trafficked into the illegal sex market.   


Poverty leads to ill-health. Lack of clean water, effective sanitation, adequate shelter ensures disease has little opposition.  585,000 women, one every minute, die each year of causes related to pregnancy.  Low-income and the low status of women are also associated with high levels of HIV infections.  Every two minutes a woman dies from Aids and nearly half of those infected with HIV in developing countries are women.  Mother to child transmissions account for more than 90% of infections in children.

A quarter of the world's population are faced with a daily crisis of survival.  WomenAid's mission is to provide relief and assistance to women and families suffering distress caused by war, disasters or poverty and to empower women through education, training and access to basic credit.  WomenAid has an unfinished agenda as long as women and their families are facing a crisis, are crushed by poverty, are vulnerable and in need.  


We need your support to continue our work.






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