Request by the 
Tribal Women Welfare Society 
Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, S India. 

The President of the Tribal Women Welfare Society has written requesting help.  She describes the dreadful situation of their area of West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh which is full of forests, hills with no decent roads and no schools.  The people living in the 245 villages in the area are experiencing great difficulty to even get enough drinking water.  Most of the people are Girijans.  The women of the villages gathered to form the Tribal Women Welfare Society as they felt they, the women, would be able to bring about some improvements at least.  To help women learn income-generating skills the society is conducting evening classes to teach typewriting, lace knitting, embroidery and wire basket making skills and has set up a tailoring centre.

The following excerpts from the letter sent on behalf of the women explain their need. 

"We submit that with the meagre donations collected from the philanthropic people here we are not in a position to maintain the centre for only 10 villages and we are experiencing much difficulty to meet the expenditure and our organisation is feeling unhappy about this situation.  As such many women are left without any help or assistance from our organisation.

We submit that the women are being ill-treated by their husbands and they are being effected badly due to the atrocities of more dowry and for their existance.

Our organisation humbly request you to take necessary steps for the provision of amenities and assistance for the welfare of women in these parts through our organisation."

Some of the poor village 
women of Godavari district attending a sewing instruction class.

Please help WomenAid International support this valiant 
community initiative created by the poor women of Godavar

It is an established fact that rural women are four times more exploited than rural men and educational and training programmes for them are a vital form of direct assistance.  

With your help and support WomenAid International can provide the assistance the women request and the Tribal Women Welfare Society will be able to realise its objectives and the women's hopes for a better future.

The support programme would also increase awareness of their social and economical status as well their rights and the training programmes will help them escape the vicious circle of poverty.  Your money will provide sewing machines, sewing accessories and materials, chairs, and worktables and enable more villages to participate in this community initiative.  

Remember - a little of your money will make very big changes in their lives!