Given in recognition of an outstanding commitment or achievement by an individual or an organisation in all fields of endeavour.

A Woman of the World Award is given to those who:

engage in human rights activities, development initiatives, the care of refugees and displaced persons, natural and man-made disasters, environmental issues and actions, medical and scientific research, methodology and practice

by pursuit of  their unique vision, have made a difference for others

have focused on the needs of and causes affecting women of the world

have demonstrated a substantial commitment to voluntary service to others

have excelled in their chosen field of endeavour and thus have provided a positive role model.

Some past recipients include Mother Teresa, Sadako Ogata, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Professor Wangari Maathai, Founder, Green Belt Movement, and Mildred and Glen Leet, Founders of the Trickle Up Programme.

WomenAid created the Women of the World Awards ten years ago and the awards have been presented by the late Princess of Wales, The Duchess of York, HRH Princess Michael of Kent and the Rt. Hon. Paddy Ashdown, M.P., Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party.

This high profile and prestigious event has always attracted people from all sectors of public life and provides an opportunity for the media to focus on the achievements of women and to raise awareness of some of the challenges women encounter.

The next Women of the World Awards will take place in 2019.

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