Generous public donations together with major funding from the British government enabled WomenAid to deliver more than 9500 tonnes of food and medical aid for refugees in this war ravaged region. 

Working in partnership with the UN World Food Programme and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, WomenAid delivered aid throughout the region. Some of this supplied the food airlift into Sarajevo as well as the USAF operated air drop into central Bosnia.  In the words of the regional co-ordinator for the United Nations World Food Programme, this support 'undoubtedly saved lives.'

At one point there was no food in the warehouses of the UN High Commission for Refugees and the food rations being given to refugees were halved. The generous response to an emergency appeal in the Sunday Express enabled WomenAid to buy 500 tonnes of desperately needed wheatflour. 

A further 400 tonnes of medical equipment, supplies, medicines as well as clothing and hygienic items were sourced and delivered to hospitals and refugees.

WomenAid also set up a psycho-social support centre, Network Zagreb, offering multi-level support for traumatised refugee women and children.  

Women refugees told of their incarceration in 'rape camps', and urged WomenAid to "tell the world" of the horrific human rights violations.  In response WomenAid orchestrated 'Tell the World'  - an international human rights campaign. 

In partnership with UNICEF,  Womenaid organised a travelling theatre show "The Grinch who stole Christmas" for thousands of children in refugee camps throughout Croatia and Bosnia.

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Mother and child face and uncertain future after fleeing Srebenica


"WomenAid is to be commended for it's valuable work and its further endeavours encouraged."

World Health Organization, Zagreb

"Your support and money you gave me, a 72 year old woman who has lost everything, made me start crying. I don't know if that was because of sadness that I became a refugee or happiness that I am not alone and there are good people and good women all over the world who think about me. Thank you very much for what you are doing for us and for the money which means a lot to me."

  Sejida Lalic, Bosnian refugee


'Teatr Exit' entertain refugee children.



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