The war in the former Yugoslavia was characterised by the high incidence of atrocities committed against civilians, particularly women. The UN Security Council citing "massive, organised and systematic detention and rape" condemned "atrocities against women, particularly Muslim women in Bosnia- Herzegovina"  The 'rape camps' were part of the appalling 'ethnic cleansing' strategy.

When women refugees began to tell of the existence of rape camps, they urged WomenAid to "tell the world" of the human rights violations. They said 
"Don't call us victims - we are survivors."

In response, WomenAid organised the 'Tell the World Campaign', a major international human rights campaign, which drew attention to the appalling atrocities being committed against defenceless women and children.

WomenAid psychologists, worked closely with refugee women's groups to provide counselling, individual and group therapy, to traumatised refugee women who had suffered rape, violence, and intimidation. Many had been incarcerated in the notorious 'rape' camps.

'It is our privilege to thank you for raising public awareness about the tragedy befalling our people in Bosnia-Herzogovina. We appreciate your time and expertise in this matter. We also want to acknowledge the humanitarian aid of medical supplies and food made by your organisation, WomenAid'

Department for Humanitarian Aid, 
Government of Bosnia Herzogovina

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Refugees collecting WomenAid emergency relief grants.

We often mention you. The women say you provided the right help for them. They praise you and they are grateful to you for your efforts and endeavour.

Zena BiH 
(Women of Bosnia-Herzegovina)


'Your efforts in the field of human rights particularly in furthering the rights of women, are impressive and deserve all the support available.'

G Magazzeni, 
UN Centre for Human Rights.

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