In 1989 14 Canadian female students were murdered because they were training to become engineers. This brutal act triggered the creation of two end-violence global campaigns: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence and the White Ribbon Campaign – a unique initiative by Canadian men.

Both these campaigns were introduced to Georgia in 2000 by Pida Ripley, the Founder of WomenAid International. Following the outstanding success of the Georgian 16 Days Campaign in 2000 – the first national coordination of this campaign anywhere- WomenAid International funded the creation of the Caucasus 16 Days.  Acting as the Caucasus 16 Days focal point, WomenAid International – Caucasus established two more National Coordination Committees, in Azerbaijan and in Armenia.

WomenAid International developed the unique concept of combining two global campaigns that aim to eliminate violence against women, ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’ and the ‘White Ribbon Campaign’. The ‘Caucasus 16 Days’ established this twin-track strategy as the first such regional coordination of both campaigns and is successful in bringing men and women together on one platform – to end violence against women. This is a great initiative adopted by the countries in the Caucasus and is now being used as a demonstration of model collaboration and cooperation by civil society stakeholders.

Caucasus 16 Days is the first regional coordination of the global ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence’ and the ‘White Ribbon’ campaigns in the world and its first year proved to be extremely successful.  Over 500 organisations collaborated to create a large regional calendar of events and activities promoting the elimination of violence against women.  This outstanding regional collaboration was made possible through the great enthusiasm and hard work of volunteers representing the NGO members of the National Coordination Committees in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.  WomenAid International greatly appreciates their great contribution and the coordination work undertaken by the Caucasus 16 Days Focal Point, WomenAid International-Caucasus based in Tbilisi, Georgia. 

An additional aim of the Caucasus 16 Days is the “broadening and deepening” of civil society activities by drawing together a broad range of NGOs in several countries. This collaboration establishes an ongoing and powerful advocacy base within the region to further promote elimination of violence against women strategies, to increase the general awareness and knowledge of the public about all forms of gender violence and to help change behaviour and attitudes about violence against women by increasing

  • recognition of women’s human rights;

  • awareness that any form of gender violence is a violation of human rights.

By participating in the Caucasus 16 Days the media and press can develop a valuable advocacy role and promote national awareness of the critical issue of violence against women. National and local government ministries and representatives increase knowledge and awareness of all forms of gender violence and the need to adopt measures that will eliminate violence against women.

WomenAid International and other donors supporting the Caucasus 16 Days believe that this programme and activities facilitate the active participation of civil society actors in three countries in transition and strengthen the emerging Caucasus collaborative network against gender violence in all its forms.  Both campaigns provide opportunities for participation of all sectors of civil society, both at the individual and the institutional level, to join efforts in combating violence against women.


25 November to 10 December



Your organisation can participate in CAUCASUS 16 DAYS 2002 by joining one of the National Coordination Committees


Alternatively you can

(1) download and complete the registration form (Word document file) and email to or 

(2) PRINT and fax to CAUCASUS 16 DAYS Focal Point: (995 32) 37 92 70

(3) telephone the 2002 National Focal Points:


YUVA and Women with University Education

(994 50) 313 16 18


Tatev” 95 Psychological Support and Counselling Centre

(3741) 56 23 00


WomenAid International-Caucasus

(995 32) 37 92 70

For further information please contact the

CAUCASUS 16 DAYS Regional Focal Point

WomenAid International-Caucasus

17 Khvichia St. Tbilisi 380060 Georgia Tel/Fax: (995 32) 37 92 70



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