CaucasusNOWCommerce Gateway (CCG) aims to create an 'enabling environment' for regional women entrepreneurs which will   encourage individual initiatives, the development of private enterprise,  a more participatory democratic environment and promote economic reform.
With access to knowledge and skills of business marketing and management more women will be able to start, manage and grow their own businesses and thereby contribute directly to the socio-economic development of their own communities. The CCG will encourage women to develop their entrepreneurial thinking, provide access to information, credit and investment opportunities, as well as training in business management skills.
CaucasusNOW ComConnect, hosted by the CaucasusNOW Commerce Gateway, is a virtual association of women entrepreneurs which will provide emerging entrepreneurs with support and facilitate exchange of experience and business development ideas. ComConnect will maintain a directory of female entrepreneurs in the region.
ComConnect eDialogue, a regular electronic bulletin providing information on opportunities, needs and funding, will be available to subscribers.
CaucasusNOW is a regional initiative created by WomenAid International, a humanitarian aid and development agency which first established its presence in the Caucasus region in 1994. It  also works in partnership with and through its Caucasus partner, WomenAid-Georgia, which is based in Tbilisi. 

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