CaucasusNOW Gender Gateway (CGG) aims to facilitate the development of socio-economic  and  political  environments  conducive to  women's  fully equal  participation  in the development of civil society and to increase access to international gender related dialogue and assist the development of regional gender studies resources and training.
Despite  the  declarations of adherence to women's human rights and gender equity by governments in the region, women's equality remains an unfulfilled ideal, often due to social and cultural attitudes lagging behind changes in law. Additionally inadequate attention  in  the region is given to the importance of public awareness of gender equity.
CaucasusNOW  Gender Gateway (CGG) will encourage regional gender experts to develop cross-platform dialogue  and will act  as  a  Caucasus-wide gender resource  and  information focal point.Gender sensitization training and public awareness programmes  will be core activities. Governments will be urged to establish Interdepartmental  Official   Working Groups to co-ordinate action across government as a whole and to take work in the area of mainstreaming gender equality forward.
Women's human rights play an increasingly important role in relationships between  States  and in national politics, particularly as calls for democracy intensify throughout the world. Appropriate  mechanisms should be created to enable  women  to participate in decision-making and assume increased civic responsibility.
CaucasusNOW GenderWEB hosted by the CaucasusNOW Gender Gateway (CGG)   will create a virtual association of gender experts and researchers, policy  makers and    non-governmental organisations actively promoting gender equity and encourage cross-platform dialogue.
CaucasusNOW Talking Gender, a regular electronic bulletin will provide information on  the  current  regional and international gender debate and progress.
CaucasusNOW is a regional initiative created by WomenAid International, a humanitarian aid and development  agency  which  first established  its presence  in  the  Caucasus region in 1994. It also works in partnership with and through its Caucasus partner, WomenAid-Georgia, which is based in Tbilisi.


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