CaucasusNOW Health Gateway (CHG) aims to create a 'healthy environment'for   individuals and populations in the region and to foster relationships and networks through  which  collaborative  health  partnerships will flourish.The physical, social and emotional  environment is a central determinant of the health and wellbeing of populations. 
Education, health promotion and empowering women and families to participate in decision-making as well as appropriate training for healthcare providers can significantly   improve   women's   health   and   raise   awareness  about  the consequences of poor maternal health, poor behavioural  patterns.
CaucasusNOW Health Gateway  (CHG)  will focus on developing, through core collaborating institutions, sustaining partnerships in a regional  effort to advance health  promotion and promote disease prevention strategies. Multi-sectoral regional networks will be  developed with participants drawn from professionals working in all medical and healthcare sectors, national and local health departments, non-governmental organisations, and companies.
CaucasusNOW HealthNET, hosted  by the  CaucasusNOW Health  Gateway, will develop a virtual association of women health professionals which will encourage dialogue, better understanding and co-operation between experts and professionals working in the health sector and mobilise 'advocates' for the improvement of health care and services in the region.
HealthNET eDialogue, a regular electronic bulletin providing information on current and   new healthcare practices and provision, together with training opportunities and funding, will be available to subscribers.
CaucasusNOW is a regional initiative created by WomenAid International, a humanitarian aid and development  agency  which first established  its presence  in  the  Caucasus region in 1994. It also works in partnership with and through its Caucasus partner, WomenAid-Georgia, which is based in Tbilisi.

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