CaucasusNOW is a unique regional initiative which advocates for the needs of women in the region and supports the development of civil society. It aims to encourage and facilitate exchange of information and collaboration between individuals and organisations working on issues affecting women, their families and their communities.
CaucasusNOW is a virtual community created by a Network of Women on-line. This web-based information service will be supported with conferences, seminars, issue specific Network Platforms, study groups and training workshops to facilitate communication and information exchange. The on-line  CaucasusNOW Directory  will list organizations, individuals and experts actively working on global, regional and national issues relating to women and civil society.
CaucasusNOW promotes civil society by:
Encouraging individual and institutional capacity building initiatives
Promoting entrepreneurial activity
Advocating human rights for all
Undertaking research and publication
Organizing national and regional conferences, seminars and workshops
Developing professional skills and business management training 
CaucasusNOW provides a series of strategic gateways to sectors and issues related to women and vital to the growth of civil society and democratization in the region.
Access the Caucasus Gateway to:
Commerce Gateway
Gender Gateway
Health Gateway
Environment Gateway
WomenAid International
CaucasusNOW is a regional initiative created by WomenAid International, a humanitarian aid and development agency which first established its presence in the Caucasus region in 1994. It also works in partnership with and through its Caucasus partner, WomenAid in Georgia, which is based in Tbilisi.

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