Azerbaijan Feminist Group
28 May St. 3 Apt.11
Baku 370014 Azerbaijan
Telephone: (994 50) 310 32 48
Fax: (994 12) 93 80 71
(994 12) 90 83 20
E-mail: tamilla@azeurotel.com
Contact Person/s: Rena Tahirova
Description of Activities:
The Azerbaijan Feminist Group is a relatively young organization that began informally and is just now beginning to seek money for some concrete capacity building and seed project funding.  In the past, the vast percentages of activities were discussion groups and debates organized by the feminist group, with relatively little costs involved.  One concrete and extremely valuable project that was executed by the Feminist Group was womenís library that was funded by the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.  The money was used to buy books on womenís issues, thought and theory.  The library is accessible to women in Azerbaijan working with womenís issues, human rights, or simply interested to know more about womenís issues. Published Feminist Digest.
HAYAT is a development and human rights organisation, which covers Ganja, Mingechevir, Sumgait.
The Azerbaijan Feminist Group was organized under the umbrella of Helsinki Citizenís Assembly in 1997.  The group was formed and led by the Chairwoman - Rena Tagirova.  Twenty women, most of whom work professionally with womenís rights and the rightís of the child, work as volunteers for the Feminist Group.  Quarterly meeting are organized to discuss current and future activities as well as problems confronting women in Azerbaijan during this period of transition. Decisions are made by group consensus.  The beneficiaries of the groupís activities are predominately women interested in gaining more information and engaging in dialogue on feminist issues.  The group provides a forum for discussion and a source of information to these women.  The structure is informal and open and encourages all women to participate.  Outside advice and moral support for the organization comes from different organizations and individuals, both regional and international, who participate under the umbrella organization of Helsinki Citizenís Assembly. 

The main purpose of our organization is to introduce feminist concepts and debates to women in Azerbaijan.  Of special concern is the debate over equality under the law and access to equal opportunities in practice for women in Azerbaijan. The following are the main tasks of our organization:

  • Education and the encouragement for women to become independent thinkers.
  • Activate women to become competent and informed leaders in economic, social and political sphere in Azerbaijan.
  • Provide women with education and information on womenís rights and human rights.
  • Foster solidarity between women regardless of nationality and side of the conflicts.
  • Encourage women to express their voice and participate in the democratic development of Azerbaijan society.  Special emphasis will be placed on encouraging women to vote.
  • Support and actively participate in the womenís movement in Azerbaijan.
  • Support vulnerable women groups in society (i.e. IDP/refugee women, pensioners, single mothers, etc..)
The Azerbaijan Feminist Group works in close cooperation with other womenís groups and institutions.  Cooperation between Azerbaijanís Womenís Institute and our Feminist Group are strong.  Women participating in the institute have access to our library and women in our group have actively participated in the institute. Members of the Feminist Group have strong connections with other research institutes and womenís organizations, such as: Humanitarian Center ďYuvaĒ and Women for Free Elections.
Board Members: Pervana Mammadova, Tamilla Zeynalova, Ilgama Sharifova, Nasilya Mammadova, Arzu Abdullayeva.

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