Project Harmony
64 Paliashvili St., 380079
Tbilisi, Georgia
Telephone: (995 32) 25 23 29
Fax: (995 32) 29 02 65
E-mail: phtbilisi@ti.net.ge
Web Site: http://www.projectharmony.org
Contact Person/s:  Polina Makievsky

Registered on August 18, 2000
Description of Activities:

Domestic Violence Partnership Program

  • Ukraine (Lviv, Odessa, Uzhorod)
  • Russia (Volgograd, Pertrozavodsk, Irkutsk)
  • Georgia (Tbilisi)
The Project Harmony Domestic Violence Community Partnership Program is designed to educate NIS communities about the problem of domestic violence and to establish a coalition of local specialists dedicated to domestic violence prevention and defense. Project Harmony will bring a group of carefully selected American professionals to train NIS law enforcement, public health, social service, and legal specialists in techniques and approaches used to prevent and combat domestic violence.
The program consists of three phases. During the first phase, the trainers (American experts) disseminate information about the problem of domestic violence to the general public and to professionals from various constituencies. The second phase consists of bringing specific requested skills to our seminar participants and working with the local coalition to establish a domestic violence resource center. The third phase invites a select group of local coalition members to the United States for an intensive three-week, hands-on program to study the American method of fighting domestic violence.
Project Harmony is a development organisation and covers geographic areas as US, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine.
Board Members: Gared Cadwell, Barbara Miller, Charlie Hosford

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