Health & Gender Equity Centre

The Health & Gender Equity Centre [HGEC] was established to promote human rights and improve the health situation of disadvantaged groups of the Georgian population and to develop collaborative health partnerships by bringing together key decision makers and community leaders to encourage productive cross-dialogue between professional groups, communities, governments and NGOs.  Health is a fundamental human right and improving health is a key factor for human development. The Centre facilitates issue focused community forums, research and development projects, develops partnerships with the media to promote awareness raising and information campaigns, organises conferences, and seeks to improve information exchange and access to health and gender equity information.  WomenAid believes raising awareness is the first step in eliminating gender-based violence and the optimum approach is those initiatives that catalyse a community, a society, to take action to eliminate violence against women and children.  Raising awareness must be pursued simultaneously with a rights-based approach where women and children are informed and educated about their rights.

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