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Dr. Rusudan Lomidze gave the

First Georgian World Environment Day Annual Lecture










“Overviewing the centuries the treatment with herbs can be considered up today as a cultural property of the nation. The conscious knowledge of the folk treatment is of immeasurable importance. Soon will come the time when almost all diseases are submitted to the will of a man. Let’s penetrate the mystery of herbs and believe me that the wonder will happen too”. These words belong to Mrs. Rusudan Lomidze.

Today she is an academician of the Academy of Ecological Sciences of Georgia, an academician of the Military Medical Academy of Georgia, an honorable member of the National Academy Fighting Against Cancer, consultant of International Association of Herbalist’s and Homoeopathists (Phyto-therapeutists), member of Federation of Journalists of Georgia, and the Owner of the Medal of Honor awarded by the President of Georgia.

By profession she is a doctor-therapeutist, at present a phyto-therapeutist, having the 50-year experience of clinical and polyclinical work.

Rusudan Lomidze carries out her work in her own phyto-therapeutic cabinet, though not so rich, situated in Tbilisi, 30 Vazha-Pshavela Ave., which is full all the time with the patients. These are the patients who are looking at Rusudan doctor with the hopeful eyes and from whom they are awaiting for the help and wonder.

It is known that at the end of the XX century and the beginning of the XX1 century the scientists reached the great success in the matter of obtaining the treatment means by synthetic-chemical way. In spite of it the herb still remains as one of the important sources for receiving the medicines. That is why Europe is already trying to create more herbal medicines as much as possible and that is why all achievements in this field are very interesting.

Since the ancient times the Kolkhian-Iberian medicine has been known all over the world. For today the existing written sources, myths, legends, narration, archaeological materials inform us about that great, tremendous, sacred knowledge by which the ancient Kolkheti and Iberia were distinguished.

The Kolkhian Medicine was always confidential and inaccessible, not a single myth and legend was written about the Kolkhian and Iberian wonder-making herbs, which, on the blessed land of Georgia really are in multiple and their magic medicinal effect arose always interest.

It is known that the man since the immemorial times has paid a great attention to looking for and selecting of useful herbs. During the centuries he was in direct contact with the nature and used the herbal riches granted by it. In this respect Georgia is the ancient and unique country and the term itself - Medicine- is connected with the name of Georgian woman Medea, who lived and created in Ancient Kolkheti, in the XIV century B.C. She was an incomparable healer, who knew the secrets of medicinal herbs and thus, gradually, the knowledge and experience of the ancestors have been transferred from centuries to centuries. And thus has come  that sacred wisdom and experience of our ancestors to Mrs. Rusudan. 

The followers of this way during the centuries were: The Panaskertelis, The Tsitsishvilis, the Turmanidzes, including the Lomidzes.

To become interested by this sphere was not absolutely occasional, at first her grandfather - Zakaria Lomidze possessed the secrecy of many medicinal herbs and prepared various medicines according to the “Karabadin”. This knowledge has been transferred by right of succession first to father - Dimitri Lomidze, then Rusudan has taken on her shoulder to continue it. Today she is a well -known phyto-therapeutist not only in Georgia, but also out of its borders.

“I consider that the treatment with the herbs is as oldest one, as those frescos of Altamira Caves, which have been transferred by our ancestors from the reality onto their walls”- says Mrs. Rusudan.

The secret of the human’s health is in the surrounding nature. Through the proper selection of the most rare representatives we are able to localize and defeat such diseases, which seems for us unimaginable.

“I think that everything what is good in this sphere, and which is the result of the activity of a man, should become the property of all mankind” - says Rusudan.

By that great number of virtual material, with which I have been acquainted I was astonished, and it is one drop of those diseases, on which the herbal medicines   had a magic effect. I am watching my patients, who, in spite of the heaviest diseases have recovered, are healthy, love of life has returned to them and continue to live already healthy and happy.

Life is the thing, which is the most expensive for people!!!

To doctor come the patients treated already in various clinics in Georgia or abroad, where it was impossible to carry out any operative, chemical, beam or medicinal treatment, the patients are of the IV stage, IV clinical group. The doctor first examines them, establishes the herbal recipe according to their diseases and according to this recipe they take the herbs and drops indicated to them, which are frequently changed according to the state of a patient. In case if exact herbs are selected correctly, very often the results are unbelievable and shocking, which is clearly evidenced by the personal particulars.

Manana Nozadze, Editor of the “HARMONY” Magazine

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